Here is the Introduction for a new book entitled “You Believe What?” coming soon:

These days Christians are mocked for what they believe about God and the Bible by liberals, atheists, the mainstream media, and the religious left. It’s interesting, however, when asked what these groups believe – they can’t give a rational answer. 

They like to think their beliefs are based on science and well thought out theories but is that the case? Is their world view really based on solid evidence? Is it based on science or reality? With a little examination, it looks more like a faith that justifies feeding a worldview that rejects God so one can escape morality, accountability, and responsibility. When it’s all boiled down, what they really believe sounds like this: 

Billions of years ago (Once upon a time), a speck of matter the size of a period (‘science’ textbooks actually say things like this) exploded to create stars, planets, and solar systems. Rain (it was magically created in the explosion too) fell on rocks for millions of years; then elements, proteins, and other chemicals appeared from the slime. The chemicals accidently came to life and formed DNA (or did they form DNA and then come to life?) More on DNA later. 

This ‘life’ somehow utilized nutrients, eliminated waste, developed complicated information pathways, and learned to reproduce – all before dying. Basic forms of life (which are more complicated than an international airport) mutated over millions of years to become human beings. The concept of angels, demons, spirit, heaven, hell, love, beauty, miracles, justice, 10 

mercy, and right and wrong somehow evolved along the way. There is no moral-demanding God, man is the pinnacle of the evolutionary process, and he is inherently good (despite all evidence that he is not). 

Some people claim to believe in God but they are so intimidated by the scoffers and desire so much to please men that they add God to this fable — contradicting virtually all that is written about Him in the Bible. 

The bottom line is this: each person who believes these stories will, one day, experience death. If they didn’t die, the issue would be irrelevant. However, each of us will die and we need to consider our fate when we take our last breath. 

Will we cease to exist or will we live forever? 

Is there a literal hell and heaven? 

What will heaven and hell be like? 

Is there a God? 

What is He like? 

Does He love you? 

Is that all that matters? 

Do you care? 

You should. 

“What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole 

world, yet forfeits his soul?” 

Matthew 16:26 

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