Is the book of Genesis written as actual history or as a mythologized story?

Dr. Henry Morris is a founder of the Creation Research Society and The Institute for Creation Research and is credited by many as the father of the modern creation movement. Read his stand on Genesis:

“It is quite impossible….for one to reject the historicity and divine authority of the Book of Genesis without undermining, and in effect, repudiating, the authority of the entire Bible. If the first Adam is only an allegory, then by all logic, so is the second Adam. If man did not really fall into sin from his state of created innocency, there is no reason for him to need a Savior. If all things can be accounted for by natural processes of evolution, there is no reason to look forward to a future supernatural consummation of all things. If Genesis is not true, then neither are the testimonies of those prophets and apostles who believed it was true. Jesus Christ Himself becomes a false witness, either a deceiver or one who was deceived, and His testimony concerning His own omniscience and omnipotence becomes blasphemy. Faith in the gospel of Christ for one’s eternal salvation is an empty mockery.

By all means, therefore, we must oppose any effort from any source to mythologize or allegorize the Genesis record. It was written as sober history, the divinely inspired account of the origin of all things. No one, therefore, can hope to attain a true and full understanding of anything, without a basic acceptance and comprehension of the origin of everything, as recorded in Genesis (The Genesis Record. Morris. pg22).”

Biblical apologist Ken Ham is the president and founder of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. You may recognize the name from his debate with Bill Nye. He has a perfect response to why people would doubt Genesis as historical:

“I believe ultimately in 99.9% of instances the major reason, the ultimate reason, that most christian leaders and others in the church will not stand on six literal days has nothing to do ultimately with what the Bible actually says but everything to do with outside influences used to reinterpret the Bible (Ken Ham).”

Reading and believing Genesis as a literal history is essential to the Christian faith. If we can so grossly stretch the natural interpretation Genesis what’s to say we can’t do that with other parts of the Bible? And we do!

Why would someone listen to you tell them about what the Bible has to say about Jesus and the Gospel if you don’t think the Bible is even accurate in its opening pages?

You can trust God’s Word fully and completely. You are not related to a banana or a monkey for that matter. You were created in the image of God, fully human from the start. God’s most precious creation, set apart and loved.

“When the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do?” Psalm 11:3

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